Our Estate Coffee

Coffee Trees growing on the mountainsides in Colombia
Colombia produces the best coffee in the world and the mountain climates provide ideal growing conditions for coffee. Finca Arcadia located in Libano, Tolima Colombia produces coffee that is recognized as some of the best in the world. This is a steep mountainous country with dark rich soil and plenty of rain in a temperate climate. Tolima is home to many coffee farms that have the benefit of producing two harvests a year from their coffee trees.

Harvesting the ripe coffee cherries at Finca Arcadia.

At “Finca Arcadia”, we work year round to produce the best coffee possible. We nurture our trees with natural fodder for mulching and moisture retention. We have systems in place that naturally reduce the wastes from the coffee processes to humus that is spread under the trees to enrich the soils. The farm has processes in place that allows for greater efficiency in production and is ecologically better for the environment.

Hand sorting the cherries to ensure only
the ripest ones are used.

All of the coffee that we produce at “Finca Arcadia” is handpicked and every bean is inspected to insure that it is ripe before it goes to be processed.

During processing, we remove the skin and the viscous liquid from the beans and then we dry the beans to ensure that the moisture content is consistent before roasting. When our beans go through the roasting process care is taken to ensure that only “Finca Arcadia” beans are being processed. Our coffee is not blended or mixed with any other coffee in processing.
Immediately after roasting, Finca Arcadia brand coffee is bagged in vacuum-sealed bags to retain that special flavor. Our coffee does not sit in warehouses waiting for processing or shipping. The amount of time between harvesting and bagging our coffee is kept to a minimum.

We are passionate about producing
the best cup of coffee possible.

We use natural mulch in our fields, harvest only ripe coffee beans, manually inspect the beans before processing and use our own processes for washing and drying the beans before roasting. We strive for consistency in size and quality in our coffee because we want you to have an excellent coffee experience. We truly believe that coffee should taste as good as it smells. In taste tests, Finca Arcadia coffee has been documented as being a fullbodied coffee that has a fruit aroma with a hint of caramel. At “Finca Arcadia” we are passionate about working for the perfect cup of coffee.
“ We Believe a Good Cup of Coffee
is an Experience in Itself ”
Treat Yourself

Finca Arcadia after roasting and ready for grinding and bagging.
Coffee taste testing, Finca Arcadia coffee with coffee produced at other farms.

Our coffee is shipped in 17.6 Ounces (500 grams) that can be ordered in Bean or Ground.